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EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd (EVe) Awards First Contracts to Deploy Fast Public EV Charging Points Across Singapore

EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd (EVe), a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), has awarded its first two contracts to CDG-ENGIE and Volt Singapore to deploy mainly fast EV charging points (EVCPs) across 20 sites at primarily HDB commercial complexes, as well as other publicly accessible carparks.

These are the first public EV charger deployment contracts following LTA’s large-scale tender awarded to five EV charging operators (EVCOs) in November 2022 to make every HDB town EV-ready by 2025.

The new contracts are part of the Government’s plan to deploy 120 fast chargers at around 60 HDB carparks in commercial complexes, town and neighbourhood centres, targeting public carparks frequented by high-mileage drivers e.g. fleet, taxi and private hire drivers.

These fast chargers will be deployed progressively by 2025, with the first site expected to be ready by end-2024. Details of the specific locations and EV charger types can be found in Annex A.

CDG-ENGIE and Volt Singapore are part of EVe’s eight pre-qualified EVCOs tasked with advancing the next phase of public EVCP deployment. The EVCOs under this Panel were rigorously evaluated based on EVe’s stringent quality standards, which included financial health, project management, operational expertise in EVCPs, and capabilities in enhancing customer experience.

CEO of EVe, Derek Tan: “EV drivers, especially taxi and fleet drivers have been providing us with valuable feedback. One main wish is to see more fast chargers, particularly at public carparks that are near facilities such as coffeeshops. Fast charging will help to minimise their downtime even as they take a quick break. We hope these new fast chargers across various HDB commercial complexes will give them that much needed boost.”