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Empower your drivers

Singapore is gearing up to become a zero-emissions city. Are you ready?

When EV owners stop for lunch, take their families out, or come home at night, be the space for them to recharge before they set off on their next journey.

How does EVe work for premise owners like me?


Here for you, with you

Accelerating your premise’s drive towards going green has never been easier. We will take care of every part of the process from assessing your needs to ensuring you have the right mix and type of chargers to troubleshooting and maintenance. All you need to do is to give the green light.


Optimised for you and your residents/tenants

We work very closely with our mothership, LTA, to ensure that your premises always meet regulatory standards. What’s more, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your new electric vehicle-charging infrastructure is optimised for your electrical capacity, needs and preferences, as well as operational priorities.


Let the numbers do the talking

  • We’ll empower at least 700 HDB carparks by end 2023
  • Powering more than 2,000 lots every day the same year

And by end 2025

All 2,000 HDB carparks will be empowered by us. That’s a cool 12,000 charging lots across 2,000 carparks islandwide. 

Our Partners


Why should I choose to work with EVe?

We evaluate your needs comprehensively and provide project management services to call and award tenders to quality CPOs, and assist with pre- and post-tender services to help you assess power availability. As the single Point of Contact, we oversee all deployment and operational issues, from customer feedback to lifecycle planning, and impose a consistent standard for CPO’s customer experience features to enhance the quality of service and strive for consistent customer journey.



Why do you work with so many Charging Point Operators (CPOs)?

We aim to empower every driver with the freedom to go everywhere, everywhen, everyday. That means the optimal mix and type of charger, so drivers can simply plug in and power up, regardless of which CPO it is.


How would I know which type of charging provider is best for my space?

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your premises and needs, evaluate your parking/electric vehicle demand, project for the future, analyse other parking lots in your area, and help you decide on the best mix and type of chargers to implement.



Why does electric vehicle charging need to be regulated?

This is to ensure drivers get to enjoy a consistently safe, convenient and reliable experience at home or on the go.

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